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The address, email, and telephone details will appear on your personalised booking pages, we suggest you use your venue details here.
We handle payments via your own account on Paypal or Sagepay. Choose which gateway you will use. If you haven't yet signed up with either of these you can leave those details blank for now and fill them in later via your partner pages.
We have no access to your Gateway account, the details you fill are purely for handling payments via the booking system
PayPal users:
Set the partner id/login to your paypal id (usually an email address), and copy your Identity Token into the access code field.
Confused? We have some paypal account notes to help you configure your paypal account
Sage Pay users:
Set the partner access code to the Vendor Name assigned to you by Sage Pay, and the partner id/login to the XOR Encryption password assigned to you by Sage Pay.
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