Pay As You Go
The ShowBooking system is really very simple. You do not need to buy in any software to run this. You don't need a ticket printer. You don't buy the system from us. There are NO upfront or hidden costs from us for setup and registration - that bit is free.
The total cost for using the system is 50p per ticket sold - it's as simple as that! However when costing your show, do factor in the small charges Paypal or your bank will make for receiving payments.
In Detail
When you create an event you choose how many tickets to sell and pay the commission on those at the beginning of the process. We collect this commission via our Paypal account at the point when you are putting your event details on the system. Then any monies received from online ticket sales go direct to you. Any tickets unsold after the event are credited to you for your next event, or can be refunded (less banking costs) if you prefer. Bear in mind that you can add tickets to the event all the time. So, if you have 50 seats to sell and you're not sure that you will sell 50 tickets online, start with 20 and then add more as you need to. That way you only pay commission on the tickets you add to your events as you add them.
Setup/Integration help
We are happy to help you with any aspect of setup and integration. Email support is free and we are more than happy to help you get going. If you need us to work on your website to integrate the ShowBooking system we would make charges. We are experienced website developers and would be happy to undertake any changes you would like to make whether they are connected to the ShowBooking system or not. Just contact us.

For more detail or to talk to a member of our team please call 01885 483614 (9am - 5.30pm)
or email
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