New fully featured booking system with your own seating plan, individual seat choice, special offer codes, multiple show bookings, extensive management reports, and more coming soon - email us for details - watch this space!
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Sell tickets online - it's quick, simple and very effective!
The best way to increase sales of tickets for your event is to make it easy for people to buy them. Simple really! Most small venues don't have a box office open all day or people manning phone lines and emails to take bookings. Add to that the fact that more and more people expect to be able to do all their business and shopping via their computer or phone! With this easy-to-use and quick to set up system you can be selling tickets online for your next event with no charges up front, no complicated software to install and without the need for specialist computer skills. You don't even need your own website - but if you have one we'll help you integrate the booking pages into it. We've been working with small venues for years and we know what is required. We're here to help you achieve your own online booking system quickly and without fuss. You have nothing to lose but many more tickets to sell! Talk to us if you're not sure.
Who can use the ShowBooking system?
The ShowBooking system is tailor made for smaller theatres, village halls, pubs, community centres, etc. However, anyone needing to sell tickets for any type of event can use the system. It's versatile and with no setup fee or software to buy, it's also risk free. You can set up your account and be ready to sell tickets safely and securely online for your event or show in a few minutes.
Personal branding
The whole customer experience can be created and adjusted from your personal profile page in minutes, your venue name, photo and even colour scheme can reflect your own website brand or preference. The branding is all yours.
Secure payments
The payment phase of booking is taken care of by specialist providers direct to your own bank account or Paypal account. We can help you set this up as well should you need assistance.
No setup fee, no software to buy ... just 50p/ticket commission. You only pay for the tickets you sell. See the pricing page