"The Conquest Theatre has been using your booking system for several years and we have always found it superb, both in its ease of use from the patron point of view and box office personnel. It also gives first class management reports. We are delighted that this system has now been enhanced with the addition of a smaller system for events in the foyer which we intend to make good use of."
Mrs Patty Rimell, Box Office Manager
Conquest Theatre, Bromyard
hall hall
"I love the way it just works without us having to do too much! We don't spend much time on computers so something this easy is a real gift. It has been an excellent benefit to the community as a whole and people from the more remote areas of our rural village can book without having to drive in or take their chance on the night!"
Delighted but Anonymous Client
Pay as you go
Its free to use, there are no setup or monthly costs, there's just a small commission (50p) on each ticket sold. Our payment plan is simple and relates directly to the number of tickets you want to sell. More information on pricing?
Easy Set up
Filling out one form is all it takes to set up your free account. You can choose your branding options as you set up and have full access via a personal control panel to modify your details at any time. After that you can start adding your events.
You're in Control
You can add, edit and cancel events, change the look and feel of your own booking pages, manage your clients, and monitor booking progress all via your personal control panel. Set the number of seats for each performance, set ticket prices for adults and concessions and watch the seats sell without manning a box office or a phone line!
Multiple Events
You can have as many or as few events booking at one time as you wish. It's a great system whether you're a hotel or inn with lots of events in a busy function room or a village hall with only a few. Each performance is automatically removed from public view once it is over.
Easy integration
Without the need to integrate the whole booking system into your own website we do provide ready made links for each of your shows to paste into your own website wherever you choose to display them. You can also quite easily add these links to related websites (community/town website for example) or to emails.
Mailing lists
Download instant mailing lists (from opted in clients) from your management page. You can choose lists of patrons who booked for a particular event, all patrons who have booked a show in the last year, etc. You can see who attends music events or pantos. From these lists you can target information about your next show or event to people who want to receive it.
Your Branding
Your booking pages are 'all yours', your colours, your words, your images and contact details, all under your own control.