"The Conquest Theatre has been using your booking system for several years and we have always found it superb, both in it's ease of use from the patron point of view and box office personnel. It also gives first class management reports. We are delighted that this system has now been enhanced with the addition of a smaller system for events in the foyer."
Mrs Patti Rimell, artistic director
Conquest Theatre, Bromyard
hall three Mills

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Will online booking make any difference to the number of people attending our event?
We've been involved in online booking systems for years and experience shows that more people will come if they can book in advance from home.

Our village hall would like online booking, but we only have 2 or 3 events a year - is it worth our while?
Absolutely! The beauty of our system is its simplicity - if you're not using it you don't pay - simple as that. It's fine just for one event as well.
We have events in our hotel all the time. Can we have more than one event booking at the same time?
Yes. You can have as many as you like!
How do I link to my booking pages?
Your management pages will supply you with ready to use links for both a specific event, or your bookings start page, where any of your current events can be chosen.
How do people actually pay online?
Through a payment gateway. At the moment we are set up to integrate Paypal and Sagepay, but we will integrate other payment gateways if you prefer. All payment gateway systems have their own charges and you will need to take this into account when considering ticket prices.
I don't know anything about 'payment gateways', what do I need to do?
You'll need to set up an account with your chosen gateway provider. We can help you out if you like.